Magic Bookstall at the Green Fair

This stall never runs out. As we sell them to raise funds for the Oxfordshire Green Party, you bring along your old books and DVDs to donate to the stall.

On Saturday 7 December, the Oxfordshire Green Party is running a magic bookstall at the Green Fair, where we sell donated books and DVDs to raise funds. Come along and buy your Christmas presents.

Better still, donate your old, but good quality, books and DVDs, so that someone else can enjoy them. People are looking for:

  • Childrens books
  • Books that look new
  • Novels
  • Non-fiction

The people that come to the Green Fair have a wide range of interests. Last year we even sold books on the Rare Flora and Fauna of New Zealand, and a Tantric Sex Manual.

This year we will also have space for DVDs on the stall, so bring along those as well.

You can bring them along on the day, or I will come and collect them. Call me on 01865 765852.

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