Liz Taylor, candidate for Quarry & Risinghurst

Liz Taylor and Caroline Lucas

Hello, my name is Liz Taylor and I have lived on Risinghurst for 27 years.

I work in Headington and have been a frequent visitor to Oxford all my life.

I work for the NHS - 34 years and still going strong.

I really enjoy living here, and I'd like to be able to help sustain and improve our community even more.

Our extensive and well-maintained facilities are thanks to the volunteers. the parish, city and county councils and the council tax payers - i.e. YOU!

Let me know what you think about our community and share any ideas you have for improvement.

The Green Party offers a fresh and positive perspective, and holds the ruling Labour party to account.

My past community involvement

  • Risinghurst Playgroup committee member
  • Risinghurst Community Association Bookings Secretary for 13 years (including several years as Chair and events co-ordinator)
  • Youth Club volunteer - helped with Trax project, Tuck shop and admin.
  • Editor of the Chronicle (local newspaper).


  • Parish Councillor - helped install Street Sport Site (the Cage)
  • Senior Citizen's Lunch Club and local events helper
  • Ampleforth Arms supporter

The future

I will fight for the best outcome for our community on the following issues;

  • the Nielsens and other developments
  • the long promised Collinwood Road/A40 pedestrian crossing
  • Ward boundary changes
  • Traffic, parking, pollution, energy and waste management to name a few!