Larry Sanders is fighting the Oxford East constituency for the Green Party.

Larry says:

I am pleased to have been chosen as Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Oxford East. I have lived, worked and raised my family here over 47 years. I think it is one of the areas that understand and hate the growth of anti-minority politics, the rise of the Trumps, and the success of the Teresa May in making life harder for most of us.

We have a sense of community, that people can work together, that we will not be left high and dry when things go wrong.

I am proud that my brother, Bernie Sanders, has become the most popular politician in America and a powerful opponent of Trump, by consistently urging the same message: a government has to work for all its people, not just the very rich.

I have tried to do the same. Zoe Williams, in the Guardian, kindly said of me: “Social justice has been his life’s work.”

We are in a battle that is literally life and death, and will not end with the election.

  • Lives are being lost in the starvation and privatisation of the NHS. We will fully fund it and end privatisation.
  • Thousands in this constituency are struggling to look after their elderly and disabled relatives with little help. We will fund Social care and make it free at the point of use
  • Comfortable, affordable housing with security of tenure is a right. We will build hundreds of thousands of council homes and control rents.
  • Whether it is vocational training or university everyone is entitled to free tuition and maintenance grants

In Parliament, I will, like Caroline Lucas, work with anyone for such goals. I will not vote for Teresa May or for a Lib Dem/Conservative coalition. I will support the divided Labour Party when they are right, but not when they get it wrong (refusing to support the Bill to stop NHS privatisation, failing to oppose cuts to disability benefits, or supporting Trident, Hinkley and HS2.

The Conservatives cannot win in Oxford East. You can vote for the candidate who best reflects your values.

Britain is the most unequal country in Europe. Our politics has to change.


Want more info?  Contact Thomas Kiley, Larry’s Campaign Manager on his mobile: 07948 284729

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