Green County Councillors are trying to keep over £6m devoted to County spending on learning disability provision and related spending.

Councillor David Williams, leader of the County Council Green Group, explains:

“The major part of the Green Party budget for the County, being prepared at present, is to retain £6 million of spending which covers disability provision and related spending. To do this requires a referendum in order for the public to permit a 5% rise in County Council spending which would mean about £1 a week extra for council tax payers on average. This is very little to pay in support of some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

“At present, learning disability teams help people with a learning disability to live as independently as possible. These teams are made up of social and health care professionals, working with adults who have a learning disability and their families and carers. The type of staff, who are at risk from planned cuts suggested by the Conservative County Council include:

  • social workers;
  • care managers;
  • community nurses;
  • dieticians;
  • psychologists;
  • psychiatrists;
  • speech and language therapists;
  • physiotherapists;
  • occupational therapists;
  • support workers.

“The Green Party wants Oxfordshire residents to write to their County councillors to support a referendum to protect essential services. The County Council is conducting a consultation on this now, until 9th Feb.

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