Jo Robb For Henley

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Jo Robb For Henley

When I joined the Green Party, the reality of the climate and ecological crisis that we face was nowhere on the news agenda. But now, more and more people are waking up to the scale of the challenge that we face both at a global and a local level. I am proud to represent the only party that puts the natural environment and human wellbeing at its very heart.

The Government has plans for a South Oxfordshire covered in concrete and blighted by traffic and toxic air. This is music to the ears of the construction industry and big developers but ignores the views of local residents.

It’s time the people of Henley constituency were represented by an MP who understands their concerns and will represent their interests. Someone who will defend local democracy, promote truly sustainable growth and stand against the over-development of our beautiful countryside. 

I will fight for affordable and sustainable housing, proper funding for our schools and NHS, decent public transport and sustainable energy infrastructure.

Like the majority of the Henley constituency, I voted to remain in the EU. But since 2016, we have seen our standing MP vote to trigger Article 50 and support the illegal prorogation of Parliament. I stand very firmly for a change of approach: one that respects Henley’s original decision and demands the British people get the final say on the matter. Only a People’s Vote can break the Brexit deadlock.

More than ever, we need candidates who stand up for their communities and for nature. Parliament needs more MPs who are not beholden to vested interests and worsening climate chaos.

A vote for me would be a vote to protect our natural environment and our communities at both the local and national level. We need strong, principled Green voices at all levels of government.

Yours faithfully,

Cllr Jo Robb

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