Ian Middleton For Banbury

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Ian Middleton For Banbury

Ian is an ethical entrepreneur and writer who was born in London, grew up in Kent and moved to Oxfordshire with his partner in 1993 from where he co-founded and ran a national chain of jewellery stores for over 20 years. He now runs a business selling vegan lifestyle products online.

A regular columnist for two national retail magazines, Ian also writes for Huffington Post and has contributed commentary for print and new media, as well as speaking about business and the environment on TV and radio.

He campaigns on human and animal rights, local planning, ethical business and independent retail. He is also a trained psychologist, outdoors enthusiast, runner, vegan and avid vegetable grower.

Ian was elected in 2019 as the first ever Green councillor on Cherwell District Council as well as being elected to two parish councils in Yarnton and Kidlington.

He stood in both the 2015 and 2017 general elections in Banbury and has been involved in many local campaigns, not least the save the Horton hospital campaign and countywide actions to protect green spaces.

Ian says :

“The Green Party commitment of £100bn a year to deal with the Climate Change will create thousands of jobs in many sectors.  It will save money on fuel bills and the cost to the NHS of treating diseases associated with poor air quality. We’ve seen the impact of traffic congestion and increased emissions in Banbury and Bicester and we have to tackle this problem head on. 

Any Brexit deal will leave this country facing economic decline and we’ll waste a decade of Parliamentary time dealing with the fallout.  The Green Party will give people a second, properly informed, vote on if they still want to pursue Brexit or get on with fixing the problems in our society that have been largely ignored since the referendum vote.  The NHS, Social Care, Education, The Housing Crisis and climate change all need our urgent attention.

We have already experienced a ‘lost decade.’ Austerity has penalised those working in the public sector particularly, and undermined public services including the NHS and our schools.  We must have investment to rebuild Britain sustainably. Only the Greens and our policies can deliver this and ensure there’s still a liveable planet with protected green spaces for future generations. 

Our Green New deal was first proposed over 10 years ago.  Other parties may lay claim to green credentials but we are the experts.  Accept no imitations.  There’s only one planet and one true Green Party!

Yours faithfully,

Cllr Ian Middleton

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