The latest edition of Green World is out!

This edition covers the optimism emerging from COP22, fights against oil drilling in the UK, the successes achieved by Green Councillors and more!

Green World is the official magazine of the Green Party

Following the twin shocks of Brexit and Donald Trump's election as President of the United States, the 95th issue of Green World takes a look at the power of protest. Even as powerful forces seem to be pushing the world in a worrying direction, we celebrate the spirit and achievements of global movements that stand up for people and planet.

The edition features powerful articles from the US Green Party's Jill Stein, who argues that Greens are poised to turn what could be a breaking point into a tipping point towards democracy, and from our own Caroline Lucas, who says that by standing for something different, Greens can indeed overcome Trump's regressive politics.

A perfect place to make this happen might just be in Liverpool at the Global Greens and European Greens Congress 2017, which starts on 31 March and could be the largest gathering of Greens ever. You can register online here. We asked delegates from around the world for their hopes for the outcomes of the gathering and how Greens can continue to lead the way on tackling climate change, tax evasion, migration, and peace-making, while encouraging greater participation and true democracy.

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