Housing company seeks development contractors to deliver 2,500 factory-built low carbon homes in Oxfordshire

Greens have welcomed the decision to attempt to procure low-carbon factory-built homes but have pointed out that the procurement of anything other than zero carbon housing is incompatible with the City Council's own stated carbon targets. 
Says Green Councillor Dick Wolff, who lives in a zero carbon home, "The Council's own research, commissioned as part of the Citizen's Assembly, clearly states that every new home must be zero carbon if the City is to have any chance of becoming net zero carbon.  To even consider procuring anything else shows a lack of ambition and commitment."
Only the "passivhaus" and  "zero carbon for regulated and unregulated energy, with a preference for low embodied energy" options will support a genuinely zero carbon future. 
The Greens also point to the fact that the Council's recently passed Local Plan does not require either passivhaus or zero carbon (regulated and unregulated loads) new housing. So, even if the City commitments to these higher standards they are allowing developers to build unsustainable housing. 
FMI Cllr Dick Wolff 07968 486854

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