The politics of greed, austerity and irresponsibility are eroding the very environment which sustains us. 

All too often, it is the poor who suffer the worst as they are unable to access clean water, sufficient food or escape the worst effects of environmental disasters.

Investing in our environment makes good economic sense. There are already about one million ‘green jobs’ in the UK with the potential to create at least one million more.

We need politicians who take their responsibility to protect our planet seriously. The Green Party will take the actions necessary to tackle climate change and create a sustainable future for us all to share.

Greens stand for:

  • Planning laws that work for people and nature
  • Tackling air pollution and food waste
  • Investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Bringing the railways back into public ownership and cutting fares.
  • An end to subsidies for the fossil fuel and other polluting industries

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