Healthy Food Shouldn't Cost the Earth

West Oxon Green Party Healthy Food Event


West Oxfordshire Green Party is pleased to announce that Natalie Bennett will be chairing our online evening event addressing GMO's in our Food Chain and biodiversity and sustainability in farming..

Healthy Food Shouldn't Cost the Earth

Thursday November 25th 2021 8.00 pm

Our food supply and the food chain itself are under threat as are biodiversity and the environment with massive single crop farming and the Government's proposed changes in regulations governing Genetically Modified Organisms in our food. Come along and join us at this open event and listen to, and question our panel of experts.


Natalie Bennett Green Party Peer, House of Lords Natalie is particularly interested in food security and farming issuesLiz O'Neill Henry AstorTim Mitchell   Asthall Crop Share


Baroness Natalie Bennett (Green Party Peer) has agreed to chair the evening.

 Our speakers are:

  • Liz O’Neill  "The GMO threat to our food system"

Liz is Director of GMFreeze ( ), the UK umbrella campaign challenging the use of genetic modification in food and farming 

  • Henry Astor "Getting Out from Under the Thumb of Agri-business! (or how I learned to stop worrying and put my trust in 4 billion years of evolution!)" 

Henry farms on the Bruern Estate, where they are transitioning to regenerative methods of farming. They are pioneering arable systems that include living mulches and continuous cropping heritage grains with no inputs. He believes that only with an active living soil matter can the farm produce both nutritious food and enhanced biodiversity. 

  • Tim Mitchell "Growing wildlife-friendly food by organic methods" - Asthall Crop Share.

Some for the birds, some for the bugs and some for us".

Tim will be talking about the wildlife-friendly and people-friendly food growing that is bringing greater biodiversity and more resilient soil to the walled garden at Asthall Manor as part of a community crop share. 

After a presentation by each of our speakers we plan to have a Question & Answer session with the chair and panel

This is an open meeting please don't hesitate to send a link to this page to anyone who you think might be interested.
November 25, 2021 at 8:00pm - 9:30pm
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