Hazel Dawe, Green Party candidate in Cowley

Hazel Dawe, Green Party candidate in Cowley


Hazel Dawe is heavily involved in the Oxford City Farm project helping organise work parties on the site and helping negotiate the lease with the County Council. Hazel is an associate member of Florence Park Community Association and a regular user of the Community Centre. She is also a Cyclox champion for Cowley. She has given awards to the best cafes for plastic avoidance after organising a survey on plastic use in cafes around Oxfordshire.

Hazel has responded to many planning proposals around Cowley including the hotel development on Between Towns Road and the student development on Hollow Way. She opposed the William Morris Close development which would have worsened the already appalling congestion in Hollow Way. She is a member of CPRE (Council for the Protection of Rural England).

If elected Hazel will continue to support our local community groups:  Florence Park Community Centre, Oxford City Farm and Flo’s the Place in the Park – the new community hub. She will also be an active advocate of fully segregated cycle routes in the City. She will advocate preserving our green spaces whilst tackling the housing crisis by providing truly affordable, energy efficient housing on the many brown field sites in Oxford.

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  • Dalya Moss
    commented 2021-03-07 18:10:46 +0000
    Dear Hazel,

    I wondered if you can help. I have a question about the LTN of Florence Park, where I live on Outram Rd. I I wandered if you can raise these for me with the appropriate people?
    I have a disability, and I would have loved to have added to the LTN consultation stage, but like many disabled people, we are too busy just coping, and I missed the opportunity. I would like to know therefore how disabled and mobility impaired people have been formally consulted and considered in this measure, and any possible negative outcomes which I describe below have been mitigated? Is there any chance we could have a chat please?

    I can see many positives from an environmental and wellbeing perspective for many people. However, were the team who planned for LTN aware of the possible increased costs transferred to mobility impaired people? For example, I am not a car driver, but I use taxis for getting around, as I have nerve damage in my feet. I do not use a wheelchair. I get only £20/week PIP mobility benefit which I use for taxis, for instance to get to the doctor. The taxi having to go a longer way around will cost more on the meter, so my benefit will be used up quicker. I have already encountered this problem with visiting the synagogue since the closure of Walton Street, adding on average £2.00 extra to the meter. It would be the same issue for disabled drivers or their carers needing to spend more on milage.

    I am also curious how taxis will be affected by this, and will they be as willing to collect me, as I also heavily reply on them for my work journeys (separate funding I get from DWP- Access to Work) These longer journeys will also cost Access to Work more, so I will need to submit a new request for funding which I hope will be covered.

    I also wanted to highlight the statement that LTN would encourage people to walk or cycle more, and leave their cars behind. I think one ought to be cautious that this sounds rather ‘ablist’. For mobility impaired people who rely on vehicles, closing off streets nearby isn’t going to make them miraculously walk. Having consulted other disabled people, they can feel excluded or even shamed by these statements. Maybe LTN should rephrase that LTN would encourage those who are without mobility issues to walk/cycle etc?

    My concern is mobility impaired people, including those who are elderly, may end up bearing the brunt and having increased costs at a time when finances and the situation is very tough. Can disabled people and their carers and, those with blue badges for instance be let through the bus gates?

    You are welcome to email a reply, but after I would love to talk more, as emails take me quite a while to type!

    With thanks,

    Dalya Moss