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Halima Brewer is following this site, wanting to find out more about the Oxfordshire Green Party.
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  • commented on Branch meeting minutes of 3 September 2019 2019-12-04 20:24:07 +0000
    We no longer meet at the Brewery Tap. We meet at the Crown and Thistle, Bridge street on the first Tuesday of every month. Not December this year.

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    Help us to create a Greener Oxfordshire!

    We need to build Oxfordshire back better

    Not only is there is a climate emergency, we have many more people in Oxfordshire struggling to make ends meet and using food banks.

    We need to get Green councillors elected to voice the concerns of the vulnerable and insecure in our midst, and to take the urgent steps needed to build a sustainable recovery that would see Oxfordshire carbon neutral by 2030.

    We are up against well-funded party machines, but the Green Party knows that building grass root support can help us to win.  In 2019 Oxfordshire elected 8 new Green councillors. The green party now jointly control one council.

    Whatever your skills, there is something you can do to help get Green Councillors elected. Fill in the form below, and one of our volunteers will get in touch to talk about how you would like to become involved.



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