Greens support protest against County cuts

County Councillor David Williams, Leader of the Green Group on Oxfordshire County Council, emphasises Green Party support for opposition to cuts by the County Council. In total, these cuts will remove one-third of council spending. This will lead to a precarious and even dangerous existence for the homeless, the vulnerable elderly and young, and close Oxfordshire’s 44 Children’s Centres. Cuts imposed on public spending by the Government since the recession started in 2007-2008 have not even reduced the Deficit, which continues to grow. The Institute for Fiscal Studies has indicated that the Government needs to bring in at least an extra £39 billion per year to reduce the deficit.

David Williams says:

“We need fair taxation for a fair and just society. We are cutting care when our population is ageing. We are cutting care when our population is increasing. We are keeping tax havens in British jurisdictions open and failing to close tax loopholes.

“Greens will join with trade unions, the Save Oxfordshire Children’s Centres campaign and others at the County Council from 1.00pm on Tuesday 26th January at County Hall. We hope all those concerned about the future of the most vulnerable in our County will make an effort to attend.”

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