Greens support Oxford Stays rally

Oxfordshire Green Party will be supporting the Oxford Stays rally being held at 5.30pm in Broad Street, Oxford on Thursday 21st July. This rally will support many Oxfordshire residents whose right to stay in the UK may be under threat as a result of the Leave decision on 23rd June.

Dr Hazel Dawe, Chair of Oxfordshire Green Party's European Campaign Committee, comments: "We want our rights back. Many important employment rights, consumer rights and environmental regulations have come to us from Europe. We want our government to retain those rights as part of the laws of our country."

She adds:

"Oxfordshire Green Party recognises the feelings of loss and even bereavement that many people feel at the very close referendum vote. It is clear that EU citizens here in Oxfordshire feel less welcome in the many roles they are performing that are vital to our communities including in our schools, the National Health Service and throughout Higher Education.
We want to stand by them and support them to stay in our county."

Hazel Dawe also notes:

"Oxfordshire Green Party's European Campaign Committee will be continuing post-Referendum. The Leave vote has left many people including refugees and asylum seekers from all over the world feeling more uncertain about their future than before. The rise of racist incidents since the Leave vote is not helping. We hope that many people will turn out on Thursday to stand in solidarity with those needing our support."

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