Greens Support Make Oxfordshire Affordable Demonstration

Oxfordshire Green Party will be supporting the Make Oxfordshire Affordable demonstration this coming weekend: Saturday 3rd September, 11.00am, Manzil Way, Oxford. The themes of the demonstration are:

  • Raise wages to match rents
  • Axe the Housing Act
  • Build social housing

The demonstration is being organised by Oxfordshire UNISON Health Branch; Oxford City UNISON; Ruskin UCU; Oxfordshire NASUWT; Oxon and Bucks PCS; Oxford Momentum; Oxford Peoples Assembly; Oxford Fair Housing; Oxford
Housing Crisis Campaign.

Steve Dawe, County Press Officer of Oxfordshire Green Party, comments:

Vital changes are needed in Oxfordshire to improve quality of life for many residents. Oxfordshire Greens support applying the London Living Wage of £9.40 per hour to workers in Oxfordshire, in view of exceptional housing costs in this County. Plans to sell off more social housing, exposing more people to higher private sector rents, just penalise those on low and middle incomes.

Steve Dawe adds:

The first housing task of local councils in Oxfordshire is to get every empty home into use. Then, every long-term empty shopfront, pub, office and derelict industrial building should be refurbished for housing. New housing is needed, on brownfield sites, but we must use the existing built environment first to help provide more homes where schools, shops and community facilities are already concentrated.

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