Greens propose new transport strategy for Cowley

After a considerable number of representations from the public during the local elections in 2016, Green Party campaigners Hazel and Steve Dawe began to compile a list of measures to deal with transport problems in the Cowley area. They organised door to door delivery of over 4000 leaflets consulting with the public on transport issues. From this effort, the first edition of a Transport strategy for the Cowley area has been developed. Copies can be obtained on request from Steve Dawe.

Hazel Dawe explains:

Throughout the local elections, people raised transport issues with Green Party canvassers on the doorsteps. They mentioned frustrations with existing local councillors who they felt were not taking their traffic concerns seriously. Given the scale of suggestions to improve walking, cycling, crossings, traffic speeds and junctions, it is clear that a range of traffic and transport issues in the Cowley area have been neglected for years.

She gives a particular example:

Residents have repeatedly raised issues about the section of Between Towns Road between the John Allen Centre and Church Cowley Road. Crowell Road and Beauchamp Lane residents are often blocked from getting out during rush hours as traffic tries to access Between Towns Road. Putting a hatched box on the road in at least two places at these combined junctions is desirable to discourage traffic from staying in the central area. Pedestrians crossing on a green light are often endangered by cars turning right out of the junction. Marked diagonal pedestrian crossings and, for the future, a pedestrian bridge should be considered for this very busy area.

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