Greens outline a better approach at the Oxford City Council annual budget meeting

Greens outline a better approach to the  Oxford City Council annual budget meeting, 19 February 2018. 

There is an annual Oxford City Council budget meeting, which is when the council votes on the budget plans for the next 4 years.  Each opposition group can submit amendments to the administration budget. These are voted upon in turn.  Then there is a vote on the full budget.

Our Green City Councillors put forward amendments to the budget to focus on what is most important: investing our limited financial capital in building more social infrastructure and not expanding car parking provision.  Our Green City Councillors prioritise the support of community facilities, homeless accommodation and reduced carbon emissions, above the need for more tarmac.

Craig Simmons and Ruthi Brandt made speeches about these amendments.  Click here to read Craig's speech and here for Ruthi's speech.  Craig’s speech covers the overall submission and Ruthi’s focusses on specific points.

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