Greens make official complaint about 'fake' Green leaflet from LibDems in Oxford West & Abingdon

A LibDem leaflet is being circulated around Oxford West and Abingdon which is designed to look and feel like  an official  Green Party communication.

larry_sanders.jpgIt urges people to vote tactically for the LibDems to keep out the Tories. 

It quotes former Green Parliamentary Candidate Chris Goodall in a manner which voters are led to believe represents an official Green Party position. It does not.

The Green Party have had no involvement in the letter and are standing a strong candidate, Larry Sanders, in the hope of unseating the Tory encumbent.

Says a Green Party spokesperson: "This type of misleading campaigning is the reason why trust in politicians is being eroded. Last time people elected LibDems - they got a Tory-led coalition. People are looking for real change which wont come about through voting LibDem."

The Greens are making an official complaint to the electoral returning officer.

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