Greens condemn Councillor's comments on homeless

Oxfordshire Greens are considering launching a Standards Board complaint against Labour Councillor John Tanner after comments broadcast this morning on BBC Radio Oxford's Howard Bentham show.

Speaking on the serious issue of rising homelessness in Oxford, Cllr Tanner said; "I would like to go up to some of these rough sleepers and say you are a disgrace" [1]

Later he said he thought that they should have 'more respect'.

Says Green Housing Spokesperson Cllr David Thomas; "This was no slip of the tongue but a direct and deliberate attack on one of the most vulnerable groups in Oxford from a senior City and County Labour Councillor".

Green Housing Spokesperson Cllr David Thomas, who was interviewed on the same show about Green proposals to re-open Lucy Faithfull House hostel in the City Centre, also called Cllr. Tanner's comments 'troubling and disgraceful'.

The Greens are taking advice on whether Cllr Tanner has breached the Councillors Code of Member Conduct which requires Councillors to be respectful and not bully individuals or groups in the media [2]. 

Councillor John Tanner sits on both the City and County Councils. In this latter role, he voted through the County Council cuts to the homelessness budget. 



[1] The show is available on catch-up at 

[2] Clauses 9 & 10

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