Greens call on County to help protect our interests after Brexit

David Williams, Leader of the Green Group on Oxfordshire County Council, is putting forward a motion to the County Council urging it to take action to protect our common interests in the Brexit process. Cllr. Williams said: "The Leave decision in the EU referendum will, without doubt, do long-term damage to the economy of Oxfordshire, its research base, its universities and the availability of skilled labour from overseas. However, the Leave vote was not a mandate for abandoning the progressive reforms the European Union helped to introduce."

David Williams emphasises:

We are asking the County Council to support a Consolidation Act which would incorporate all outstanding legislation resulting from EU directives and regulations which are currently in operation into British law. This would enormously simplify the Brexit process for Government, provide certainty for business and community groups and speed progress towards stability post-Brexit. Divisions revealed in the Cabinet in late August demonstrate the problems of obtaining a coherent and considered Brexit.

There are even suggestions the Prime Minister could start the Brexit process alone, without allowing Parliament to look at the deals planned with the European Union and other states.

David Williams says:
Democracy in the UK cannot be mired in years of unpicking and rewriting 43 years of laws implemented when we were in the European Union. Greens offer the County Council a campaigning initiative to simplify the whole Brexit process. We cannot tolerate a Conservative Government as divided on how to achieve Brexit as the Labour Party is divided about its own leader. We also note reporting that the Conservative Government intends to trigger article 50, the precondition for leaving the European Union for any existing member state, without putting it to a vote in Parliament and apparently before any overall deal with the EU has been concluded.

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