Greens call on County Council to support the EU

Council services across the board will be influenced by the Referendum about UK membership of the European Union on the 23rd of June. Oxfordshire's Green Party County Councillors are calling upon the County Council to indicate its support for remaining in the European Union. David Williams, leader of the Green Group on the County Council, comments:

"With the Referendum now offering a clear option to voters, the County Council should be clear in its advocacy of a vote to remain in the European Union. This should be on the basis that membership on balance has provided a progressive legal framework and positive advantages to the services administered by the Authority and the people of Oxfordshire."

Councillor Williams adds: "We are witnessing the early beginnings of a referendum campaign which may split the Conservative Party for good, regardless of the result."

He continues:

"EU regulations related to air pollution controls have become critical to our traffic management policies as have directives related to waste management in guiding our recycling systems. Our County economic infrastructure plans are clearly now profoundly influenced by monies channelled via the European Union structural funds and regional aid policies. Competition rules and international trade regulations plus employment directives from the EU influence our contracting, employment and procurement regulations underpinning a great deal of Council tendering."

Councillor Williams emphasises:

"The County Council should state that the general economy of Oxfordshire would be severely damaged if the UK were to leave the European Union. There is a high risk of declining investment by European companies which are have a base in our County. Leaving the EU would undermine the financial security of the County, and the future of valuable employment here in Oxfordshire."

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