Greens call for referral of Labour Cllr to Standards Committee

Following revelations of the hateful (anti-gay and anti-semitic) posts on Cllr Ben Lloyd-Shogbesan’s Facebook page (now closed), Greens are calling for the immediate referral of Cllr Lloyd-Shogbesan to the Council’s Standards Committee.
Says Cllr Simmons, himself a Jew,
“Personally, I think he should resign or be sacked and a by-election held. Such behaviour is totally unacceptable. But the correct process to follow is to refer him to the  cross-party Standards Committee where his actions can be judged, the evidence scrutinised, and the correct sanctions applied. This can include a permanent or temporary suspension. We also need to look at the wider issue of when the posts went public and whether those Councillors who knew about them had a duty to report them sooner. It may well be significant that the posts where made before the local  elections but were only reported afterwards.”
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