Greens call for an end to cuts in services to those most in need

Councillor David Williams, leader of the Green Group on Oxfordshire County Council, has been campaigning against cuts in social care in recent years. The outgoing Chancellor, George Osbourne, indicated there would be further major cuts in public spending in the event of a Leave vote in the referendum. Clearly, the massive drop in the value of the Pound and considerable uncertainty in the future of European investments and jobs in the UK are beginning to damage the economy.

David Williams comments:

Further cuts in adult social care are to be feared. Vulnerable elderly and young people have already experienced cuts in services which help support them to stay in their own homes. The isolation, lack of care and probable deteriorations in health and well being which will follow from deliberate neglect through more cuts are unimaginable. We need a fair and imaginative tax system that helps those who cannot do enough to help themselves live a reasonable life. Will the May regime be any more humanitarian than the Cameron one? Having seen Oxfordshire County Council’s Conservatives cutting essential services in recent years, I very much doubt it.

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