Greens call for County Council to back ethical care charter

Green Party Councillor David Williams (Iffley Fields and St Marys) will be pressing for the next County Council meeting to adopt the Ethical Care Charter created by UNISON. A proposal to adopt the Charter will be heard in April.

Councillor Williams comments:

“The Ethical Care Charter promoted by UNISON sets minimum standards to protect the dignity and quality of life for people needing home care. It commits councils to buying home care only from providers who give workers enough time, training and a living wage, so they can provide better quality care.

The Charter’s provisions include:

  • Removing the use of zero hours contracts;
  • Payment of a Living Wage;
  • Guaranteeing that home care workers do receive payment for travel time, travel costs and essential expenses such as the use of a mobile phone to maintain contact with their clients."

"Recently the County has committed to introducing a living wage for all Council staff and to abolish utterly inadequate 15 minute care visits. However there is still no guarantee whatsoever that contracted-out workers are not on zero-hour contracts, putting people on constant standby sometimes with no work in return. People who provide care for our most vulnerable residents deserve to be treated with dignity at work and if the Council commits to Unison'ss Ethical Care Charter we'll be taking a big step in this direction."

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