Greens and Lib Dems agree to Grown Up Politics in Kidlington

The Green Party and the Liberal Democrats have agreed to work together to demonstrate ‘Grown Up Politics’ in Kidlington to more effectively target the Tories.

Green candidate for Kidlington East, Ian Middleton, and Liberal Democrat candidate for Kidlington West, Alaric Rose, will campaign together to provide a stronger voice for Kidlington, Yarnton and Begbroke at Cherwell District Council and to oppose Conservative cuts to local services.

In the forthcoming district council elections, the Liberal Democrats are not fielding a candidate in Kidlington East and the Green Party are not fielding one in Kidlington West.

The two parties will both be campaigning for:

  • A stronger and more effective opposition to the Conservatives’ unhealthy large majority on Cherwell District Council;
  • A rethink of Cherwell DC’s plan to build 4,400 houses around and between the villages and on the Green Belt between Kidlington and Oxford;
  • An end to Conservative cuts to local services and their failure to maintain local roads, cycle paths and pavements.

Green candidate for Kidlington East, Ian Middleton, said: “Our two parties agree on these key issues and we intend to practice grown up politics in order to deliver better representation for people in Kidlington. Far more unites us than divides us at this crucial time for our community.”

Liberal Democrat candidate for Kidlington West, Alaric Rose, said: “By working together and encouraging local voters to use their votes intelligently we have a strong chance of winning these seats from the Conservatives and giving our area a stronger voice at Cherwell DC.”



About Green Party candidate for Kidlington East, Ian Middleton: Ian has lived in Yarnton for 25 years and ran a successful national retail business until selling it in 2014. He's now a business and political writer and ethical entrepreneur.  He joined the Green Party in 2012 and has since stood in several local elections, fighting the last two general elections as Parliamentary candidate for North Oxfordshire.  He lives with his partner Fiona who is a Yarnton Parish Councillor.

About Lib Dem candidate for Kidlington West, Alaric Rose: Alaric is currently a Kidlington Parish Councillor for Exeter Ward, following a sensational by-election victory in December 2016. He is also a former Cherwell district councillor for Kidlington North. He lives in Kidlington with his wife and three children. He has worked at local schools and at Kidlington Co-op.

For more information contact:

Ian Middleton - 07779 628211

Alaric Rose – 07966 233545

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