Greener Growth for Oxfordshire

Greener Growth for

Let’s make the Green voice heard across the county

The rise of the Greens

VoteShareChangeOxfordEast.pngThe 2015 General Election saw the best ever results for the Green Party in Oxfordshire.

In four of the six constituencies, the party achieved over 5% of the vote for the first time. In the Oxford East constituency, which was given additional funding from the national Green Party, the party achieved an impressive 11.6%. This was five times the vote achieved in the 2010 General Election.

A permanent home

Office_-_cropped_-_50pc.jpgIf the Green Party is to build on this growth in support we need the ability to do more. On issues such as housing, transport, and air quality, our voice needs to be heard in Oxfordshire. Imagine the difference that we can make together, throughout the county, with a stronger, better organised Green Party.

The key to further electoral success is a sustained and active presence. During the 2015 Oxford East campaign, we rented a dedicated campaign office. Within just a few short weeks we were able to mobilise more volunteers and campaign more effectively than ever before. It demonstrated how much more effectively we work when we have a dedicated base.

Now is the time for us to find ourselves a permanent office, based in Oxford for members across the county to use.

Your money can help us grow

We are seeking to raise £20,000 a year. With this we will:

  • fund the cost of a dedicated office
  • employ a member of staff to run it
  • support the party’s 2020 strategy of:
    • becoming the official opposition on Oxford City Council
    • having our first district and county councillors elected outside Oxford
    • contributing to getting 2 MEPs elected in the South East region.

Where your money would go

Regular donations are the key to planning ahead

  • £10 pays for 1 hour per month of staff time
  • £50 each month pays for 25 volunteers to be coordinated in a door knocking campaign
  • £100 per month pays a week’s office rent

The difference an office makes

In 1998, the Green Party in Brighton & Hove opened an office with the financial help of its members. At that time the city had only one Green representative, a city councillor. In 1999, the office played an instrumental role in the party winning two more councillors and a MEP in the South East.

By 2010, and following a move to a bigger office, Brighton & Hove Green party had:

  • CL_portrait_24pc.jpgIncreased the city councillors to 23
  • Gained the UK’s first Green MP
  • Helped retain (twice) its South East MEP
Oxfordshire has always been a special place for Greens, and I was proud to be the first Green county councillor there in 1993. I know the Green Party could do so much more locally, and having an office for the party will really help it achieve its potential. Caroline Lucas MP, Oxfordshire county councilor 1993-1997

Green achievements in Oxfordshire

  • Established the Oxford Climate Change Action Plan, and the award-winning City Council Climate Change Team.
  • Initiated and ensured funding for the Natural Resources Impact Assessment for housing and commercial developments.
  • Began Oxford City Council's switch to renewable electricity, ensuring a renewable energy supply for the city and setting an example to other large organisations such as Oxford University.
  • Secured £1 million for the Cowley Road Traffic Scheme from the County Council, ensuring trees, benches and cycle facilities were provided to improve the area.
  • Successfully lobbied for a target of 50% affordable housing in new housing developments.

By building momentum now we can ensure strong green growth across Oxfordshire

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