GREEN RESPONSE: Coronavirus: Oxford City to go into Tier 2, High Alert

Reacting to the news that Oxford is to enter Tier 2, Oxford City Green Group Leader, Craig Simmons, said the following, "The Government is doing too little, too late. A pattern we have seen throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Oxford should have entered Tier 2 several weeks ago and Government should now be including all of Oxfordshire in Tier 2 - rather than just Oxford. All the political groups on the City Council have been asking for such decisive action for some time.  
"We are blessed with exceptionally good and dedicated health services in Oxfordshire and, because of Government indecisiveness, we are going to have to call upon them once again to protect the health and lives of the vulnerable amongst us."

29th October 2020

FMI 0773 980 3047 Cllr Craig Simmons

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