Green Comment: Oxford City Council welcomes latest Committee on Climate Change report

Greens have accused the City Council of being 'all words and too little action' over the climate emergency. 

Says Green Councillor Dick Wolff, "The Climate Emergency motion, proposed by the Greens, was passed in January 2019. It took until the end of the year for the Council to convene a Citizen's Assembly and set up an internal Climate Emergency Review Group. But no decisions have yet been taken as a result. In fact, the Labour Cabinet has said it will not even review the findings of the Review Group until October at the latest. Meanwhile, the Low Emission Zone has been delayed, the planned move to make the Council's operations 'carbon neutral' has been delayed (along with several other green projects), and a Local Plan has been passed that doesnt require new homes to be zero emissions for more than a decade (and places no requirements at all on other building types). This is a case of 'all words' and very little action. 
25 June 2020
FMI Cllr Dick Wolff 07968 486854 

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