Green Comment: New data on key sources of air pollution in Oxford

As expected, this report shows only minor improvements in air quality pre-COVID. 
Only during COVID did air quality improve to the point where it was no longer breaching international standards. 
Says Green Councillor Dick Wolff, "Rather than seeking to 'lock in' the improvements to air quality witnessed in the last few months, the City Council are actually DELAYING the introduction of a clean air zone in the City Centre and for a number of weeks even waived car parking charges. We need to 'build back better' - not return to the same poor air quality."
The Greens have proposed Low Traffic Neighbourhoods across the City, additional bus gates, an expanded clean air zone and massive improvements to cycle infrastructure.

26th June 2020

FMI Cllr Dick Wolff 07968 486854

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  • Alison Peters
    commented 2020-07-21 17:34:28 +0100
    I’ve just been handed a map of proposals for ‘south east grid’ traffic filters and am concerned about this. You need to let traffic through one way up Magdalen Road and the other way down Howard street, not close them off with green spaces in the middle. The only people who have time to sit out there are drug addicts and the homeless. How will you get the removal van to your house, or the ambulance, or the fire engine? Why is there a cycle contraflow? Surely this creates opportunities for multiple accidents. How will you get out of Stanley Road? Are you expecting traffic to use Percy Street instead of Magdalen Rd? Residents haven’t been consulted but I don’t think that’s why they moved there. Cars do sometimes exit St Marys Rd and come down Magdalen Rd to Hertford St then speed up down Percy St so you could stop that happening by changing the junction and putting in bumps on Percy St. The plan shows 2-way traffic on the section of Howard St by the pub – have you seen how narrow that is? If you have money to spend please consider reducing residents parking permits for the over 60s. I have paid £65 but can’t park at my house because the kerb is too high to drive up onto so spending money on improving the residential roads would be useful but please don’t consider blocking access on the through roads. They are needed for people coming from Abingdon Rd to the mosque for instance, or Brookes to Donnington. Please keep the quieter residential roads as they are.

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