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After successful six months, joint drugs taskforce moves disruption activity to new area of Oxford.  

Comments from Cllr Craig Simmons and Dick Wolff - local Councillors for St Mary's Ward (the ward which covers most of the new area of East Oxford that the joint taskforce is moving to;  James Street, Bullingdon Road, Denmark Street, St Mary’s Road, Hurst Street, Magdalen Road).  Says Cllr Wolff; "Cllr Simmons and I have been working with residents and the police for almost a year to make this area a priority. Bullingdon Road, in particular, has had many problems. For this reason, we helped set up their new Neighbourhood Watch Scheme last year."

Says Cllr Simmons, who lives in Magdalen Road, says: "As a local Councillor and resident of Magdalen Road, I welcome the extra effort that is going into making my neighbourhood safer. I know that police resources are stretched, so particularly appreciate the time they have taken to work with local Councillors and residents to understand our priorities."

FMI: 07968 486854 (Dick Wolff) 0773 980 3047 (Craig Simmons)

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