Green Party Candidate for Wantage, Dr Kate Prendergast, is one of the speakers at the Rural Oxfordshire Action Rally being held in Wantage on Sunday 12th April, 11.00am in the Market Place.

Kate will be saying:

“Whether you are concerned about wild creatures, butterflies, frogs or newts or ensuring enough land is available for agriculture and recreation, it is difficult to see how the current expansion of urban areas in Oxfordshire is going to help. Throughout my constituency, highly expensive executive-priced homes and other forms of development appear to have  become an almost random occurrence. Attempts to make use of brownfield sites instead of the countryside are simply not adequate.

“My constituency has the following types of brownfield sites available for development: empty homes; long-term empty shop fronts; empty industrial buildings and land; surface car parks awaiting dual use proposals to allow apartments to be built above ground level; poorly-used sites that could be re-developed for housing instead of their current use.

“Building on brownfield sites is a matter of political will: the will of local councils to resist developers attempts to place concrete and tarmac on our landscape, and to force them instead to use the huge brownfield site reserve that is available.”

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