Fun and games: Greens encourage action on Earth Day

22nd April is celebrated worldwide as Earth Day. 

Earth Day has become a significant annual occurrence, created  to support the health and well-being of our environment. Tomorrow is the 51st Earth Day. Greens are asking people to show their support for environmental protection, to help raise a voice about the need for positive global change.
The Greens are encouraging Oxford residents to do act to help the planet over the next week (22nd April to 29th April) by picking one or more items from this list  [1]:
10 Things You Can Do on Earth Day 2021
  1. Build a bat box. These “homes” for bats are typically made of wood and provide protection for bats in rough climates. Bats need to be protected because of their limited numbers. Learn more about how to build a bat box.
  2. Plant a pollinator garden with native flowers that provide nectar or pollen for a range of pollinating insects. Learn about how to build a pollinator garden, the types of plants that attract pollinators.
  3. Lean into the “Plantdemic” and grow your own food in a garden, or in a planter inside your home.
  4. Prevent Food Waste by making a recipe using the food you have in the fridge. Or, order through this app created to avoid food waste by taking advantage of products that are still in good condition. Also remember to compost any food scraps you may have to help save essential nutrients for plants to grow and builds a healthy soil structure. Learn more about how to compost.
  5. Reuse Recycled Materials to build a toy boat or a shovel from recycled material.
  6. Watch an environmental documentary. A few favorites include Kiss the Ground, Filmin, The Blue Planet MiniseriesThe Ivory Game, I am GretaChasing Coral and Virunga.
  7. Listen to Activating Sustainability the Anthesis Podcast, our Wise Woman in Waste series or check out another sustainability podcast!
  8. Find a local Environmental organisation to check out in your community. This may include: community gardens, local compost groups, conservation charities, Land Trusts, low carbon groups, and more.
  9. Start a conversation with someone in person or online about what “restoring our Earth” means to you.
  10. Become informed about how environmental issues intersect with other social issues such as environmental racism. Learn what it means to be an intersectional environmentalist.
Says Clrl Craig Simmons: "We are entering the decisive decade - we owe it to our children and grandchildren to address the climate and ecological crisis"
For even more fun and games, try Earth Day Bingo 
FMI Cllr Craig Simmons 0773 980 3047
[1] Thanks to Oxford-based sustainability consultants Anthesis for these ideas ( Green Councillor Craig Simmons co-founded Anthesis in 2013.

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