Fiona Mawson, candidate for Kidlington North

I have a B.Sc Applied Biology specialising in the human sciences but for the last 20 years have been running an Oxford–based retail business with my long-term partner.

13 years ago I had breast cancer and was treated by our wonderful NHS at the Churchill Hospital. My research into cancer lead on to a deeper understanding how the environment, food production and lifestyle affects our health. Three years ago I joined the Green Party as the other parties were not really involving people in urgent issues. I felt the Green Party was the only party to address the more fundamental problems we now face, not just the environment but also looking at new and informed ways to tackle the housing situation, job creation, schooling, social services, energy consumption and transport. For me, it’s the Party for the 21st century.

Veganista, Green Party member, retailer, politics, shoes, environmental issues, remainer, cats, music, fluffy cushions, lots of interests!