Every Vote Counts

Every vote carries a message!
Consider the general election of 2015.
In that election UKIP won only a single seat in parliament. But, they gained 13% of the vote.
And that sent a message to Conservative politicians that they had to become hard-line or risk losing further votes at future elections.

With just one seat in parliament UKIP changed the political culture.

Suddenly we have Conservatives embracing Brexit, ploughing ahead with plans to reintroduce fox-hunting, and promising to review (ie cut) the amount we give in foreign aid...

Not one of those UKIP votes was wasted. We wouldn’t be in the position we are now if they were.
But there’s good news. Because exactly the same thing can happen in reverse.

A vote for the Green Party sends a message that you want everyday politics to move in a more confident, outward looking, caring direction. A vote for the Green Party is a vote that will rebalance the see-saw, so we don't all fall off the wrong end in a big heap.

The Green Party: the foundations for a confident and caring Britain.
Think about it…

  • Every single Green vote can help to change the political climate.
  • The Green Party is always aiming to lay down the marker for the next destination in British politics. Every Green vote helps us get there that little bit faster.
  • Don’t just vote for the MP you want, vote for the country you want.

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