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Sad about the leave vote? Do you want to help soften the blow? Join us in campaigning.

A rise in racist hate crimes has followed the referendum. Our local economy is affected by the withdrawal of EU funding for research and campaigning was tainted by outright lies and misinformation. Use our template letters to write to your MP asking them to support the EU citizens Right to Stay bill or to give the Electoral Commission powers to stop campaign lies, to demand a parliamentary vote before Theresa May can invoke article 50 and more...

We also have links to various petitions and to relevant advice sites, for example on how to report racist hate crimes.

Have a look at our Europe news page and decide what you would like to do. We've made it easy for you to get involved.


We launched our campaign in summer 2016 and worked hard to promote the Green Party message.

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We held a public meeting before the referendum with Philippe Lamberts MEP, George Monbiot, Alison Williams, Hazel Dawe and Keith Taylor MEP on the panel, answering questions from the audience.

EU referendum public meeting


Latest News Stories

Hazel Dawe appealing to MPs to defend our rights by amending the Brexit Bill.

Speaking at the recent Delay Article 50 demonstration, Hazel Dawe has been appealing to MPs to defend our rights and amend the Brexit Bill, warning of the possible implications in triggering Article 50 without more thought.

See Hazel in action in this video clip.

Caroline Lucas will vote against triggering Brexit now

Tonight MPs will start voting on the Brexit Bill, to trigger Article 50. Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion and former Oxfordshire County Councillor, explains why she wants to work together to stop Britain suffering the worst effects of Brexit.

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