Emma Teworte, candidate for Carfax

I’m Emma, and I’ve been living in Oxford since September 2017. I’m half British and half German, and grew up in Berlin. Currently, I’m in my first year of my History and Politics degree at St Hilda’s College, University of Oxford. I particularly love modern gender history and am concentrating my degree on gender issues as much as possible. Since I’ve come to Oxford, I’ve gotten involved with the Oxford Student Greens and helped found the Oxford Young Greens, where I am the Policy Officer. Apart from that, I enjoy cooking (despite being horrible at it), long walks and reading.

I’m standing for Councillor because the level of social inequality and the state of the environment in Oxford is awful – and there are so many things we could do to help change that. Oxford needs to become more accessible – by creating continuous level surfaces across side roads and expanding cycle lanes and the bike racks available. Having to find accommodation for living out in the second year of my degree provided me with a glimpse into the dire state of Oxford’s housing market. We need more regulation for the private rented sector and prioritise social housing. Homelessness is the result of political decisions, and should be addressed using a diverse range of policies such as Housing First, not fines. The Council should help tackle period poverty, and develop its policies in a more holistic way that takes impacts on, for example, different genders into account, such as through gender-balanced budgeting. Strong, Green voices in the Council can help address these issues – we don’t have to be resigned to the status quo.