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Elizabeth Kemp is following this site, wanting to find out more about the Oxfordshire Green Party.
  • donated 2019-11-09 16:51:34 +0000

    General Election 2019

    £1,310.00 raised
    GOAL: £15,000.00

    Suddenly, we are fighting another General Election in 2019. We got 8 more Green councillors elected in May. Now have to quickly launch our Green Party general election campaign in Oxfordshire. We have 3 candidates standing in Oxfordshire: David Williams in Oxford East, Ian Middleton in Banbury and Jo Robb in Henley.

    This is a short campaign with urgent deadlines. We already have to spend £2000 to pay for printing election leaflets that the Royal Mail will deliver to all voters in 3 Oxfordshire constituencies and £1500 on the deposits for 3 candidates to stand for Parliament. The Freepost leaflets will start appearing on doormats on 21 November.

    That is just the start! To mount an effective campaign we need volunteers and money. Please give whatever you can afford:

    • £5 can pay for a canvassing pack to equip a volunteer.
    • £10 will print 500 posters for a town.
    • £25 pays for a Facebook advertisement.
    • £120 pays for 6000 leaflets to get Green supporters to vote.
    • £250 will pay for an advertisement in the Oxford Mail.
    • £500 covers the deposit for one candidate.
    • £650 will pay for a leaflet delivered by Freepost to every household in a constituency.
    • £2000 paid to print and post a letter to every postal voter in a constituency.

    Donate to our fighting fund now. Give a little, or give a lot, whatever you can afford. Thank you.


  • wants to volunteer 2017-06-07 15:37:03 +0100

    How you can help us on election day

    Let us know how you can best help on election day, 2 May 2019. Tasks include:

    1. Reminding people to vote:
      • Knocking on the doors of people who said they will vote Green (“knocking up”).
      • Telephoning people who said they would vote green.
    2. Helping in a committee room.
    3. Giving lifts to voters with mobility difficulties who are otherwise unable to travel their polling station
    4. Taking voter numbers at polling stations (“telling”)—many voters don’t make up their minds until they are in the polling booth. A Green rosette and a welcoming face can help persuade them. Key times include 7am-9.30am, and 5pm-8pm.
    5. Tallying the votes at the count, so we know where in the county there are more Green voters.

    Please tick the ways you can help below, and where you can help.

    Become a volunteer