Elise Benjamin, Green Party candidate in Iffley Fields


IMG_20180303_203327_resized_20180303_090903371_cropped.jpgI was first elected to Oxford City Council in 1999 serving as a City Councillor for 15 years in total.  I have been working on behalf of residents in the area since 1994.

I live and work in the community and am active all year round, responding to many individual casework enquiries, supporting residents with planning, housing and transport issues, attending residents’ meetings, and helping at community events.

I was Lord Mayor of Oxford from 2011-12 – the first Green to take on this role in 889 years!

Since moving to Oxford in 1993 I have been involved in many community committees including Donnington Doorstep Family Centre, East Oxford Adventure Playground Association, and East Oxford Primary School Governors.  I am currently a Trustee of Elder Stubbs, sit on the Board of the Broken Spoke Bike Co-op, and am a Board Member of the Free West Papua Campaign.  I am also on the Advisory Board for the Southern Policy Centre think tank set up by former Labour Minister John Denham.

In my time as a City Councillor, I chaired Planning Committee, Employment & Economic Development committee, the East Area Parliament (area committee), and the Pensioner’s Forum.  I have also represented the Council at several successful planning appeals.  I was the City Green Group Planning and Economic Development Shadow.

After a 2 year break, during which I have spent a lot of time working with homeless people in Oxford, I know that the most effective way I can work support homeless people and the many others struggling to pay high housing costs in Oxford is by becoming an elected Councillor again.

What will you do if you are elected?

If elected I will work to:

  • End the homelessness crisis
  • Tackle air pollution
  • Save our community facilities
  • Protect our environment
  • Make cycling safer
  • Challenge Brexit

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