Fighting: Homelessness

Fighting: Toxic Air

Fighting: BREXIT

▶ Campaigning against the closure of City Centre homeless hostels ▶ Overturning Council's proposed PSPO targeting the homeless ▶ Fighting Council's proposed £2,500 fines on the homeless ▶ Forcing senior Labour Councillor to applogise for branding rough sleepers a disgrace

▶ St. Clement's: most poluted street in Oxford ▶ Air pollution limits breached repeatedly ▶ EIGHTY early deaths each year ▶ Pushing ZERO emmission zone expansion ▶ Demanding more innovative public transport solutions

▶ BREXIT will be devastating for Oxford ▶ Voted against Triggering Article 50 ▶ Support a public vote on the final deal ▶ Fighting to stay in the EU ▶ Caroline Lucas - I fear that on immigration the people have been sold snake oil

Protecting: The Environment

Protecting: A Healthy Democracy

Protecting: Community Facilities

▶ Greens have the most rational approach sustaining the Environment ▶ Pushing to make Oxford a city fit for people's health ▶ Green Councilors voted against the council proposals to expand an unneeded Park and Ride ▶ Campaining for cleaner, greener and healthier towns, cities and villages for us all

▶ The Green Party does not operate a party whip ▶ Green Councilors are accountable to their constituents, not the party ▶ Green Councilors provide a ballanced view, Say No, to a one party state ▶ The green party believe every vote should be equal

▶ Say NO, to bulldozing East Oxford Community Center ▶ Say NO, to bulldozing East Oxford Games Hall ▶ Say NO, to bulldozing Film Oxford building (Catherine St)Greens have a better plan