Oxfordshire Green Party

2013 County Council election

On 2nd May 2013, there is an election for Oxfordshire County Council. The only practical opposition to the Conservative-dominated council has come from the Green Party. Our councillor Larry Sanders put together an amended budget that would have prevented severe cuts to adult social care, for less than the price of a stamp each week on the council tax. We need more Green county councillors, to fight for fairness in Oxfordshire, as explained in our manifesto.

At this election we have candidates standing in 60 divisions in Oxfordshire. Find your Green Party candidates standing within:

Since the first Greens were elected to the city and county councils more than a decade ago, Green Councillors have been taking the lead on issues that affect us all: from protecting public services and green spaces to affordable housing, transport, recycling, climate change, economic development and crime prevention.

Support for the Greens is continuing to grow. At the European elections in 2009 more people voted Green in the City than for any other party. 21% voted for Green Party candidates in Oxford on 3rd May 2012: more than voted for any other opposition party.

Oxford's first Green Party councillor, Caroline Lucas, now MP for Brighton, said:

It's 20 years since I won the first Council seat in Oxford and since then we've gone on to win more Council seats and built a strong group of Councillors. I'm proud of the many things our Oxford Councillors have achieved over the years, but there is much more to be done to make Oxford a fairer, more sustainable City. Together we can win!
Caroline Lucas MP, Green County Councillor for St Clement's, Oxford 1993 - 1999, Green MEP for South East Region (including Oxford) 1999 - 2010