Oxfordshire Green Party

2012 City Council election

21% voted for Green Party candidates in Oxford on 3rd May 2012: more than voted for any other opposition party. Three Green Party councillors were elected to Oxford City Council, representing the people of Holywell, Iffley Fields and St. Marys. They are listed in bold on the right. They join 2 others to form a 5 strong Green group on the council.

Since the first Greens were elected to the City Council more than a decade ago, Green Councillors have been taking the lead on issues that affect us all: from protecting public services and green spaces to affordable housing, transport, recycling, climate change, economic development and crime prevention.

Support for the Greens is continuing to grow. At the European elections in 2009 more people voted Green in the City than for any other party. At this election we had candidates standing in every ward.

Our manifesto for Oxford City for 2013 can be seen here.

Green Party priorities for Oxford 

Protecting Public Services

In Oxford we have suffered massive cuts by the Conservative controlled County Council and the Labour City Council plus deep cuts in the local Health Service. Green councillors have been fighting to preserve our public services and even extend their range and quality.

Creating a Sustainable Oxford

Almost all Oxford’s policies for a sustainable City can be traced back to Green Party initiatives. From recycling to food waste collection, insulation schemes, allotment development and many more the Greens have led the way in pushing for real environmental improvements. However we still have a long way to go. Only the Greens have the vision to promote the improvement programmes the City so desperately needs.

Better Housing and Protecting Green Spaces

Housing is at crisis point within the City. Huge numbers live in temporary or poor quality housing. More must be done to provide housing whilst at the same time protecting our natural environment and preserving green spaces.

Action on Climate Change

The Green initiatives promoted by Green councillors must be acted upon if we are to cut our carbon emissions, be more efficient energy users and reduce pollution.

Better Public Transport

Oxford needs improved public transport with extended bus services, real cycle lanes and new rail facilities. We must improve our canals rivers and pavements.

Safer Streets

Road safety, congestion and air pollution remain pressing problems within the City. There should be more schemes like the Green-led zero emissions programme, safer roads, more appropriate lighting and more community policing.

Power to the People

The Labour run Council has progressively taken powers and funding away from the people. Area Committees have been abolished and their planning powers curtailed. A supreme leader has been established with many extra powers to stifle political opposition and centralise decision-making. It is time to give power back to local communities. Councils should serve the people, not the other way around.

Vote to turn Oxford City Council green on 3 May this year.

Oxford's first Green Party councillor, Caroline Lucas, now MP for Brighton, says:


It's 19 years since I won the first Council seat in Oxford and since then we've gone on to win more Council seats and built a strong group of Councillors. I'm proud of the many things our Oxford Councillors have achieved over the years, but there is much more to be done to make Oxford a fairer, more sustainable City. Together we can win!

Caroline Lucas MP, Green County Councillor for St Clement's, Oxford 1993 - 1999, Green MEP for South East Region (including Oxford) 1999 - 2010


Barton and Sandhills Mary-Jane Sareva
Blackbird Leys Sarah Pethybridge
Carfax Adam Ramsay
Churchill Julian Faultless
Cowley Clare Cochrane
Cowley Marsh Kevin Meaney
Headington Richard Howarth
Headington Hill & Northway Sietske Boeles
Hinksey Park Judy Chipchase
HolywellSam Hollick
Iffley FieldsElise Benjamin
Jericho & Osney Peter Furtado
Littlemore Matt Sellwood
Lye Valley John Kentish
Marston Alistair Morris
North Sushila Dhall
Northfield Brook Alison Williams
Quarry & Risinghurst Ray Hitchins
Rose Hill & Iffley Paul Skinner
St Clements Hafiz Ladell
St Margarets Ann Duncan
St MarysCraig Simmons
Summertown John Coleman
Wolvercote Sheila Cameron