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Dr Nice (artist) is following this site, wanting to find out more about the Oxfordshire Green Party.
  • wants to volunteer 2017-04-30 09:39:38 +0100

    Display a poster

    Let's make everyone in Oxfordshire aware of the Green Party. Let's put up posters everywhere where there are elections.

    We have small A4 posters you can put in your window, bigger A3 posters for large windows or to put on a garden stake, and some large Green Party boards that can be seen from a distance.

    Tick the types of poster you can display, then leave a comment saying how many you need.

    Or if you just want one or two posters, print this PDF.

    Become a volunteer

  • posted about Volunteer skills on Facebook 2017-04-30 09:38:40 +0100
    I signed up to volunteer for Oxfordshire Green Party. Join me!

    Tell us what skills you can use to help us win.

    When you have volunteered to help the Oxfordshire Green Party, please tell us something about your skills.

    For some tasks, we need specialist skills, hence this long list.

    But most tasks anyone can do, given the training we provide.

    Become a volunteer

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