Help Oxfordshire Green Party become the opposition on the City Council

The Green Party has had a presence on Oxford City Council for many years, being the home of some of the first Green Councillors and setting the agenda for city's sustainable vision.

On 22 May 2014 we have a historic opportunity to magnify that influence.

In 2012 the Lib Dems lost 5 seats on the Council after teaming up with the Tories nationally. If this happens again this May the Green Party has a rare chance to become the official opposition to the Labour administration. This would be only the 2nd Council in the country where this is the case.

Greens in Oxford have been setting the agenda: from leading opposition to austerity to campaigning for a referendum to save vital local services. With more Councillors we can magnify this voice for a fair society, quality services and action on sustainability.

We need £3500 to cover election costs such as leaflets, posters and canvassing packs for these elections.

  • £5 will pay for a canvassing pack
  • £10 will pay to leaflet a street
  • £25 will pay for 100 election posters to remind everyone to vote green.
  • £100 would pay to leaflet an entire ward

Thank you.

Please complete your donation using the form below. If you have any problems, or wish to pay by cheque, make it out to Oxfordshire Green Party, and post it to our Treasurer: Hazel Dawe, 53 Bulan Rd, Oxford OX3 7HU.


Who's donating: from Wantage, United Kingdom donated. Thank you!
£1,167.00 raised
GOAL: £3,500.00

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