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    Green Councillors in Oxfordshire

    Cherwell District Council

    Ian Middleton, Kidlington East

    Oxford City Council

    Craig Simmons  Economy and group leader

    (local economy, tackling austerity, strategy, resisting privatisation)

    St. Mary's: 07739 803047; craig@greenoxford.com

    Dick Wolff  Community

    (planning, mobility, community engagement, rights and responsibilities)

    St. Mary's: 07968 486854; dick@greenoxford.com

    South Oxfordshire District Council

    Andrea Powell, Benson and Crowmarsh

    Robin Bennett, Berinsfield <robin@greenoxford.com>

    Sam Casey-Rerhaye, Sandford and the Wittenhams

    Sue Roberts, Wallingford

    Jo Robb, Woodcote and Rotherfield

    Vale of White Horse District Council

    Cheryl Briggs, Abingdon Abbey Northcourt


    Town & Parish Councillors

    Cheryl Briggs, Town Councillor, Abingdon

    Sonja Francis, Town Councillor, Thame

    Chris Henderson, Parish Councillor for Radley: ch@radleyvillage.org.uk

    Fiona Mawson, Parish Councillor for Yarnton

    Ian Middleton, Parish Councillor for Kidlington & for Yarnton ian.middleton@greenoxford.com

    Kevin Middleton, Parish Councillor for Stanford in the Vale 

    Alistair Morris, Parish Councillor for Old Marston

    Robert Nixon, Town Councillor, Bicester (e: robert@robertnixon.net / m: 07557 023792)

    Mathew Parkinson, Town Councillor, Woodstock

    Liz Reason, Town Councillor, Charlbury chair@greenparty.org.uk

    Liz Swallow, Town Councillor for Faringdon

    Andrew Prosser, Town Councillor, Witney







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