Dismay as Zero Emission Zone plans delayed yet again

Green Councillors have expressed dismay on hearing the news today that the formal consultation on the proposed Oxford City Centre Zero Emission Zone has been delayed yet again. This will inevitably push back implementation, originally intended to take place this year, to late 2021 at the earliest. 
Says Green Councillor Dick Wolff, "the City and County Councils consulted on plans for the 'zero emission zone' [1] back in 2017 [2] and released amended plans in January 2019 as a result. And these were amended again in March 2020 [3] in response to further feedback. The initial plans for a small controlled zone (Red Zone) in the City Centre are extremely modest and include the areas recently consulted on with respect to allowing more street cafes. The statutory consultation should now be a formality and need not be delayed further. Now is exactly the time to be implementing such 'build back better' initiatives."
[1] The Greens have repeatedly challenged the myth that the plans amount to a true zero emission zone as cars without zero emissions will be permitted into the area. Other parts of the country have more accurately called such schemes low or ultra low emission zones. 

4th Nov 2020

FMI 07968 486854 Cllr Dick Wolff

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