David Williams, Green Party Candidate in Iffley Fields and St. Mary's

Calling cardDavid has worked as a Senior Lecturer and College Manager. He has been a councillor for over 30 years and held a range of very senior positions such as Chair of Education Committee. He has been a leading speaker at Oxford demonstrations and for tireless campaigning in his division.

David Williams the Councillor

I am campaigning for re-election as councillor for Iffley Fields & St. Mary's division.  I want to continue the work in fighting against the horrendous unnecessary cuts in public services, and making the council services more accessible and responsive to people’s needs. 

You can read more about my work here.

I have enjoyed working for ALL residents through the County Council division and in the past on the City Council having been your Councillor in Iffley Fields for over 11 years and also St Mary's for the 4 years, 2013-17.

I want to continue to put forward a positive Green agenda which will benefit residents and tenants alike and will challenge all the viscous cuts the Conservative run Council propose.

LeafletI work hard all year round and with the other Green Councillors, we make sure that issues you want to be addressed and problems that need to be solved are put forcefully on your behalf. We can only do this if we have the support of community groups and residents and I have been able to work with a wide variety of groups across all the division to help improve our areas. Some of the most recent campaigns have been: to get a Controlled Parking Zone in Iffley Fields area, to provide alternative budget details to keep all the County Children's Centres open and to survey everyone in Donnington and Boundary Brook areas about how we can best develop use of the playing field behind Freelands Road.

For over 16 years I have consistently worked to improve our lives, our environment and to increase accountability in local government to the people who live in the area.

I have also proposed an alternative to the County Council plans for a single unitary authority which if it went through would mean that decisions about our areas will be made further away from those who live and work there. Truly Local democracy and more investment in our communities are key elements which I hold dear and will consistently push to make sure we have our fair share of resources.

I have always fought hard for the most vulnerable in our society, I believe a fair society should be judged on how well it treats people and children who are not as able to fight for themselves.

When elected I will once again to:

  • Challenge the other political parties and proposing workable Green Party alternatives to austerity cuts in services.
  • Continue fighting for funding of all our Children’s Centres, democratisation and fighting against privatisation of public services including the NHS.
  • Work with community & resident groups especially in the Donnington area to improve housing and leisure facilities
  • Maintain a clean and healthy environment for all with the mix of residents and students in St Mary’s and other parts of the division.

Why vote Green?

At his Oxfordshire County Council Campaign Launch, David gives a speech on why people should vote Green.  Watch it here!


My experience and community work

I work with local tenants, residents and environmental groups on pressing local issues and Green initiatives. E.g. Donnington Tenants and Residents, IFRA, Friends of Aston Eyot both in Iffley Fields. Residents Community group in St Mary’s. Some contact with Stanley Rd and Manzil Way Mosques, East Oxford Community Association, etc.

I was a Governor of Larkrise School in Boundary Brook area and also of Donnington Doorstep Family Centre in Donnington.

I am a delegate on Oxford Trade Council from my Union UCU and represent Green policies and issues there which brings constructive contact and cooperation with all the major union delegates in Oxford.

I also attend UCU Branch meetings at Activate (Oxford and Cherwell Valley College)

I support and attend the Animal Ethics Conference (Church at bottom of Iffley Rd)

Donnington Music night group

Local CND Groups

Strong supporter and advocate for Oxfordshire Children’s Centres at the moment often speaking in County Council and at demonstrations on their behalf.

My experience inside the Green Party

I have been the Elections Coordinator for Oxfordshire Green Party, have been an election agent or ward coordinator more than 3 times. Also I have been a candidate in County Council and City Council elections 4 times.

I consistently get articles and photos on the local paper on local radio and local and national news programmes promoting how Greens are fighting for community issues in the City.

I have campaigned for our candidates in 3 General Elections, spoken in local large and smaller meetings and consistently speak publicly at demonstrations on a wide range of issues in Oxfordshire. E.g. Children’s Centres, Teachers, Junior Doctors, Peace/Anti War, May Day Trade Union Marches, Anti Cuts Rallies etc.

I have worked on the National Green Party Education Working Group which produced the best (according to the Guardian) education policies of all political parties in the General Election of 2010.

I attend Conference regularly and have spoken several times as well as being on the panel for the discussion and promotion / implementation of Sustainability for Local Councils.

About David

David has been an educationalist all his life working as a senior lecturer in both FE and HE and a College Manager. He now runs a small briefing company for visiting professionals called Oxford UK Excellence.

In 1979 he was elected for the first time and served for 20 years as a Labour councillor on Rochdale Borough Council. During that time he held various top jobs in local goverenment such as Chair of Education.He stood as a Parliamentary Candidate three times during that period .

Married with two grown up sons, he is married to Alison Williams, an artist and ceramists.

On moving to Oxford in 1997 he became disillusioned with the Labour Party as they started to privatise the NHS and join in with barbaric and pointless wars in the Middle East.

In 2006 he stood and won the Iffley Fields seat on the City Council and held it in 2010. In 2013 he was elected to the County Council and became leader of the Green Group.

A strong trade unionist he serves on Oxfordshire Trades Council as the UCU delegate.

Acknowledged, even by his political opponents, as a very effective local councillor he has lead or being a major driving for many improvements in the area such Controlled Parking Zones, zebra crossings, improvements to Freelands Road recreation ground and the lights at Donnington Bridge Road.

His main priority for the last few years have been to stop the cuts to services to the most vulnerable not just in local government but also in the local NHS. He has presented an alternative budget every year he has been a County Councillor to reverse the cuts. He has also been a leading figure in the fight against ONE Oxfordshire, the County Council power grab of City Services.

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