Cuts vote creates surge of Green support

Larry Sanders, the Green Party’s Witney parliamentary by-election candidate, will be speaking at the Churches Together in Witney candidates hustings at 7.30pm this evening, Monday 10th October, at High Street Methodist Church, 40 High Street, Witney. The topics will include: Brexit, education, transport, housing, health and immigration. Everyone is welcome.

Green campaigners in the Witney by-election are claiming that the surge of support for Larry Sanders is partly attributed to the fact that ONLY the Greens voted against the recent round of County Council cuts and proposed a legally sound alternative, which had no direct cuts. Leader of the Greens on the Oxfordshire County Council, David Williams says:

“I have never seen such hypocritical leaflets from the Lib Dems and Labour complaining about the cuts in such things as the bus services when they along with the Tories actually voted through the cuts budget. The Greens said NO! to the £72 million cuts in bus services, devastating cuts in Adult Social Care, the needless attacks on the disabled and the homeless. It is ridiculous to see them objecting to things such as the destruction of the Children’s Centres when their votes ensured that the closures would happen.”

Larry Sanders says:

“The other parties must think that voters in the by-election have very short memories. Only 18 months ago the Lib Dems were in coalition with the Conservatives voting through the privatisation of the NHS and increased student tuition fees. As for Labour as an alternative to the Conservatives, nobody is sure who is in control of the Labour Party and what their policies are anymore. Certainly locally they must take full responsibility along with the Conservatives and Lib Dems for the hundreds of millions of cuts they have voted through over the last three years, at County level.”

Larry adds:

"The people of Witney remember what happened and know that the only voice actually sticking up for the services they need is the Greens - that’s why people are backing us.”

The by-election is entering its final week. Larry Sanders, brother of Bernie Sanders, a contender for the Democratic presidential nomination in the USA, is standing on a strong pro-NHS and Adult Social Care ticket for the Greens.

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