Craig Simmons, councillor for St. Mary's

Craig Simmons works for an internationally recognised and respected sustainability consultancy in Oxford. He is a City Councillor in Oxford, a former Deputy Lord Mayor, and was, for 13 years, an Oxfordshire County Councillor.

Craig is well known for his social and environmental campaigning. Amongst many other things, he founded the East Oxford Farmer’s Market, Low Carbon East Oxford, Magdalen Road Traders & Residents Association and helped start the Cowley Road Carnival.

Craig also oversaw the implementation of the Cowley Road safety scheme which led to a sharp drop in local accidents and injuries. Craig is a keen cyclist and sailor. In 2010 he cycled from Oxford to Cambridge raising money for the British Heart Foundation. In 2013, he sailed across the Atlantic raising money for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. 

  • Greens propose an extra £2m to tackle homelessness and inequality in the City

    This evening (18th February), Oxford City Council will be setting its annual budget against a backdrop of rising inequality in the City and a housing crisis fuelled by ever increasing rents and rising house prices. Oxford officially has the least affordable housing in the country.

    As the Government continues to cut the support given to local Councils, the Greens have sought to resist austerity with a bold budget which directs an additional £2m into frontline services targeted at the most vulnerable City residents.

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  • Labour Council refuses to take hard line on NHS privatisation

    A Green Group motion to a full meeting of Oxford City Council condemning NHS privatisation was today watered-down by Labour Councillors removing reference to, amongst other things, support for the NHS Reinstatement Bill.

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    We need to build Oxfordshire back better

    Not only is there is a climate emergency, we have many more people in Oxfordshire struggling to make ends meet and using food banks.

    We need to get Green councillors elected to voice the concerns of the vulnerable and insecure in our midst, and to take the urgent steps needed to build a sustainable recovery that would see Oxfordshire carbon neutral by 2030.

    We are up against well-funded party machines, but the Green Party knows that building grass root support can help us to win.  In 2019 Oxfordshire elected 8 new Green councillors. The green party now jointly control one council.

    Whatever your skills, there is something you can do to help get Green Councillors elected. Fill in the form below, and one of our volunteers will get in touch to talk about how you would like to become involved.



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  • signed Housing petition 2014-10-20 05:11:40 +0100

    Housing crisis petition

    Oxford is now the most unaffordable place to live in the UK. Houses cost more than 11 times average wages. The country and Oxford's council have a housing crisis on their hands.

    Too often, people paying rent get poor service from rogue agencies and landlords. Greens want to take action to drive up standards in rented housing and to tackle the burden of rent.

    We believe that access to housing is a human right—the council must do more to meet the housing needs of people in Oxford. Greens support increasing the number of council and social homes available to those who need them.

    No council houses have been completed in the last year in Oxford. So when suitable houses become available on the local market, Oxford City Council should purchase them to increase the council housing stock.

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    We demand that Oxford City Council use some of the £10m it has set aside to buy properties for use as Council housing to purchase the Crown House Club on the corner of Crown Street and St Mary’s Road in East Oxford. The Council could then provide 4 flats for immediate rent and a potential additional 5 flats for rent once the non-residential parts of the building are converted for residential use.

    We believe the £1m price tag for the Crown House Club, and the potential to create up to 9 Council housing units in an area of housing need, presents excellent value for money for the City Council. With a constant decline in social housing available in the city, it would be a travesty to pass on such a good opportunity to increase the Council's housing stock.

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  • Greens call for suspension of Oxfordshire UKIP Councillor

    Henley South Cllr David Silvester should be suspended from Henley Town Council pending a Standards Committee investigation after he blamed recent flooding on the decision to legalise gay marriage.

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Craig Simmons runs an internationally recognised and respected sustainability consultancy based in Oxford employing people from around the County.