County has £119 in risky fossil fuel investments

Greens call on County to ditch £119m fossil fuel investments.

Responding to news that the County Council has over £119 million invested in fossil fuel companies, Cllr Sam Coates said:

"Whilst many residents of Oxfordshire are working to create a greener world in various ways, our own County council is actively undermining those efforts by bank-rolling companies extracting dirty fossil fuels. Continuing to hold these investments is simply irresponsible when we are all aware of the urgent need to cut CO2 emissions.

"After citizen campaigning, public bodies across the world have been making their contribution to a global shift to clean and safe renewable energy, removing billions from the fossil fuel industry that is doing everything it can to stop this transition. With divestment campaigns taking off across the world, there is now a risk that the County Council is left behind as these funds lose their value.

"Green councillors have been campaigning for the County to dump these toxic investments and with the scale of these now clear, there's no time to lose for the administration to get it's house in order and stop actively contributing to dangerous climate change."

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