County Council must act on Referendum result

Oxfordshire Green Party is marking the result of the EU referendum with a motion to the next County Council meeting on 7th July.

Cllr David Williams comments:

The decision of the electorate to Leave the European Union offers a very serious challenge to economic, social and environmental progress of the UK. Our universities depend on students from the continent of Europe who now face full overseas tuition fees, and may not come to Oxford or Oxford Brookes in consequence. British collaboration with EU-funded research has been undermined.

He adds:

The County Council has the unenviable task of trying to make something positive out of the transition period after which the UK leaves the EU. Greens are urging the County Council to lobby the Government to ensure much that is valuable in legislation which originated from the EU remains in place. We refer to legislation, for example, that protects women, workers, habitats, coastlines, water, consumer standards and copyrights.

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